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What to check when the courier cannot take the order

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1. The courier cannot take the order

There are different cases, and one of the most common is related to not selectin the right package size when creating the delivery. If the package is too big, too bulky, too heavy for the transport type selected, that could be the reason. Check this article to learn more about Package size.

1.1. Options when the package size/transport type are incorrect:

  • You can directly cancel the delivery through your Stuart Client App or Dashboard (before the item has been picked up). There is no charge for cancelling within 2 minutes of a Stuart Courier accepting the job.

  • You can contact Customer Support and ask to have the current delivery split, in order to get more couriers to deliver the package (charges applied).

  • You can contact Customer Support and ask to increase the size to invite a different transport type with higher capacity. It will incur the associate charges.

2. Some items need to be picked-up, but the courier is close to the drop-off

  • If you forgot an item while giving the package to the Stuart Courier, you can try contacting them directly through your Stuart App and ask if they could return to retrieve the rest of the order.

  • Couriers may accept to go back to pick up the missing items while they are nearby the pick-up location.

  • However, the recommended option is that you directly request another instant delivery through your App or Dashboard, as the return ride will not be compensated.

3. Damaged items during the delivery

To report these cases while the delivery is live or soon after, please contact our Live Support team and describe the problem thoroughly, specifying the ID of the package.

To report any issue with your delivery when it is finished, please click the button below:

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