Understanding Package Size

What can Stuart deliver?

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How to know what Package Size to request?

Here is a handy chart showing the minimum sizes of our Thermal Bags and max weight reference for our Stuart Partners.

A visual reference

Extra Small packages: Fits in an envelope
Small packages: Fits in a shoebox
Medium packages: Fits in a backpack
Large packages: Fits in a large suitcase
Extra-large packages: Fits in a car trunk

Keep in mind

Selecting XS, S, and M sizes will cross-despatch either a Bike or a Moped.

Sizes X and XL will despatch a Car.
Please reach out to clients.uk@stuart.com or on our Live Chat if you have a recurring need for cars.

What Stuart cannot transport

  • Live animals

  • Illegal or Dangerous items (e.g. weapons, drugs, etc.)

  • Hazardous materials (e.g. chemicals, explosives, radioactive materials, etc.)

For more information please visit our Terms & Conditions.

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