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Best Practices to Optimise your Experience
Best Practices to Optimise your Experience

Best Practices to Optimise your Experience

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1. Ticketing Portal for Raising Non-Live Queries

The best way to communicate with our agents on non-live queries/incidents is through our easy-to-use ticketing portal.

1.1. Non-Live Issues Examples

  • Parcel Query: E.g. Package reported not delivered, package delivered to wrong address, etc.

  • Courier Feedback: E.g. Courier reported as rude, etc.

  • Invoice Query: E.g. Incorrect amount invoiced, etc.

1.2. How does the tool work?

  • Access to a customer support portal to raise different types of non-live claims

  • Our support agents work directly with the tool, update the ticket status regularly and can interact easily with you or other team members to resolve a ticket

1.3. What are the benefits for you?

  • Single dedicated portal to raise all non-live claims

  • Possibility to track all tickets raised by members of your organization.

  • Faster and more consistent issue resolution and easier communication

Please find here a short guide on the portal and the access to our ticketing portal here.

IMPORTANT: Following investigation, Stuart may award you a coupon to address a delivery incident. Please refer to the section on ‘Triggering Stuart’s Refund Process’ for more details.

2. Customer Support Chat for Live Issues

The best way to communicate with our agents on live queries is through our Live Chat on the Stuart Dashboard.

2.1. Live Issues Examples

  • Pick Up / Store Issues: E.g. Package not at pickup, the store closed, package not ready (long wait)

  • Package or Delivery Incident: E.g. Incorrect order, package damaged, driver accident.

  • End Customer Impact: E.g. absent customer

2.2. How does the tool work?

  • Live Chat can be found in the bottom right corner of the Dashboard

  • By selecting “send us a message” you can start a live chat with one of our agents

  • You will need to include the order ID/client reference when creating a chat and an exact description of the problem (e.g. "driver is not here" is not as descriptive as "the driver is arriving late for pickup”)

You can access our Stuart Dashboard here

IMPORTANT: Our Live Chat is monitored during all of our operational hours, which are from 7:00 - 00:00

3. How to Maximise Store Operations

  • Ensure pick up points for couriers are easily visible and accessible.

  • Make sure items are packed up and ready by the time the courier arrives, to ensure the handover is fast and efficient.

  • Proactively communicate to the couriers any delays/issues in store.

  • Offer couriers shelter and a beverage, especially in poor weather conditions.

  • Secure packages with tape and elastics and ensure bags are sealed, stapled and labelled.

4. Cancellation Fees

  • You can cancel a delivery request at any point prior to a package being picked up by the courier

  • A cancellation fee will apply if you cancel while the delivery request has been accepted by a courier for longer than 2 minutes

  • If a delivery is cancelled while no courier has accepted it, then no cancellation fee will be issued

This logic is automatic and standard as per our T&Cs.

5. Triggering Stuart’s Refund Process

In order to trigger Stuart’s refund process, a JIRA ticket must be raised for investigation:

5.1. The client identifies the need for an investigation or receives a complaint from the customer and creates a request to Stuart via JIRA Ticketing tool

5.2. Stuart reviews the case and conducts an *investigation per internal processes. Additional information may be requested from the client to advance the investigation.

5.4. Outcome:

a. Evidence shows Stuart is at fault. Written confirmation provided via Jira and The client will be issued a refund coupon.

b. Stuart confirms that procedures were followed correctly and shares evidence with the client.

IMPORTANT: *Timeframes for investigation are dependent on the incident raised, but an email acknowledgement will be sent immediately and Stuart CS will update the ticket based on progress / any developments. If the investigation is regarding a courier, under all circumstances a courier’s account will be reviewed, and they will be off-boarded in case of 3 or more such incidents.

6. Scenarios where Refunds are not Eligible

The below are common situations when Stuart is not entitled to issue a refund. However, a quality report is made for the courier involved and registered in Stuart’s Quality monitoring tools for internal tracking:

  • *Lacking mandatory equipment: e.g. courier not using a thermal bag; no transport of their own (another individual is transporting the courier around)

  • *Disrespectful to a client / end-customer: e.g. inappropriate remarks towards a client; using any disrespectful language

  • **Wrong transport: e.g. client reports the courier for using the wrong transport type; courier is registered as a bike, but uses the motorway (M road); evidence of sharing a mode of transport with another courier

  • Cash orders: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we do not recommend operating with cash orders until further notice – couriers are free to refuse to deliver


*Reports about these reasons (Lacking mandatory equipment & Disrespectful to a client / end-customer) are tracked internally, and a warning message is sent to the courier. In case of 3 or more of such incidents, the couriers' account is flagged to the Operations Team to be reviewed and the courier potentially offboarded.

** A report related to the wrong transport type is escalated to the Operations Team immediately for further investigation.

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