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3. Requesting a delivery
Requesting an instant delivery
Requesting an instant delivery

Requesting a courier to do an instant delivery

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1. How can I request an instant delivery?

You can request a courier-partner instantly in a couple of clicks!

1.1. Access to your Stuart Dashboard

Login on your Stuart Dashboard and click on "Request delivery".

1.2. Fill in the delivery details

  • Pick-up and Drop-off: When you start typing each address, the dropdown menu will provide you some suggestions. Select the one with the correct postal code next to the name of the street.

  • Recommended fields to fill: pick up, pick up phone number, drop off, name and drop off contact number. Make sure the phone number is provided with the country code +44 for UK.

  • Add details for the courier: Additional info or notes should be added when needed. If you have this info in a receipt printed and attached to the package there's no need to re-write it in the section.

  • Package size or Transport type.

  • Add additional drop-off addresses: You can add up to 8 drop-off addresses.

  • Further details here:

1.3. Complete your delivery request

Once added all the required details, you will see the estimated pick-up times as well as pricing.

  • When requesting deliveries from abroad, please review the time zone and how this may altere the estimated times showed in your dashboard. E.g. if requested a delivery from France for a restaurant based in the UK, you may want to consider that there is one hour-difference and that it will affect the scheduled pick-up time.

  • Click on "Request" and your job will be searching for a partner-courier.

  • You can request another courier anytime by clicking on "Request delivery" on the top right side, and check all the ongoing jobs under the "Ongoing" category of your Stuart dashboard.

Additional information for developers:

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