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How to pick up a package
How to pick up a package
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How to collect a package from a client

This article is about how to collect packages after accepting a delivery.

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  1. After accepting a delivery, head straight to the pick-up address

  2. The order number is revealed when you reach the pick-up location

  3. Introduce yourself as a Stuart courier and wait for the package(s)

  4. Apple packages need a Proof of Pick-up (POP) photo

  5. Place the package(s) securely in your bag and head to the customer

Getting to the pick-up address

Using the map on the Stuart app, head to the pick-up address using the route shown. If you cannot find the address or the location is closed, contact Support.

When you arrive, ensure to follow parking rules and leave your vehicle in a safe space, securing it with a lock if required.

Find order details

When you arrive at the pick-up address, you can tap Access information to reveal the customer’s name and the package number. This informs us of what time you started waiting at pick-up.

If you are at the pick-up address but can’t tap Access information, start a chat with Support.

*This feature is being rolled out gradually across the UK, so order details may not be hidden when you arrive at pick-up.

Tap Access information to see order details.

Let staff know you’ve arrived

Enter the pick-up premises and let staff know that you have arrived to collect the package. You may have to wait a few minutes for the order to be ready for delivery.

Show staff the order number for your package. For McDonald’s orders, the reference number is the last 5 digits of the order number and will be shown on the screen.

Wait for packages to be ready

  • Follow staff instructions and wait in a designated waiting area if there is one.

  • Package not at pick-up? Contact Support.

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Carefully place packages in your bag

ℹ️ If you are doing an Apple delivery, you need to take a Proof of Pick-up (POP) photo before leaving.

  • Make sure packages are properly sealed and not broken

  • There may be more than one package, make sure you have all of these.

  • Carefully place the order into your thermal bag to make sure they don’t get damaged in transit

After you’ve collected the order, tick the relevant order number and tap Complete the tasks.

Now you’re ready to head to the customer.

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