How to contact Support

How to contact us

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How you (or your substitute) contact us is different if you (or your substitute) are on a delivery or not on a delivery:

I'm on a delivery

If you (or your substitute) are on a delivery, you (or your substitute) can reach Support via live chat. This is available for up to 5 minutes after your last delivery. This is for live delivery issues only, not other requests.

  1. Tap your profile icon:

  2. Select Help centre from the side menu.

  3. Select Chat with us.

  4. Our Support Chatbot will know what stage of the delivery you (or your substitute) are on and give different query options for you (or your substitute) to choose from.

  5. If the Chatbot cannot resolve your (or your substitute's) problem and you (or your substitute) need to speak to a Support agent, any information you (or your substitute) have provided will be ready for them to read.

    Learn more about the Chatbot.

You (or your substitute) can access your chat history by clicking on one of your notifications to access your message centre.

I'm not on a delivery

If you (or your substitute) have any problems with our platform, check our Help Centre articles first to see if they answer your question.

If you (or your substitute) still need help, you (or your substitute) can reach us at the following addresses:

Please remember to be clear, informative and attach any screenshot or pictures which would help us resolve your query sooner.

One message is enough. Sending multiple messages about the same topic will not lead to a quicker response. Please do not type "urgent" unless you (or your substitute) need help with a live delivery issue.

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