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Pick-up problems
Updated over a week ago

If you or your substitute can't find the client at the pick-up point they specified please do the following:

  • Check the comment section in your app

  • Call your client by clicking on the phone button (please follow this link on more information about how to contact your client)

Remember: the client is the one that placed the order, so they are the only one who can provide you or your substitute with the right information on your pickup point. You or your substitute are required to call at least 3 times before contacting support.

If you or your substitute are experiencing any other issues during your pick-up task such as:

  • No parking nearby

  • No specific pick-up area in-store

  • Unsafe area

Please use the feedback feature under the PU task in-app to report this to us. More information can be found here

Package not at pick-up location

Please refer to our help centre article for queries when the package is not at the pick-up location:

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