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Waiting time earnings
Waiting time earnings

How much do I earn for long waiting at pick-up?

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Stuart will apply fees to you for long waiting times at pick-up. Long waiting time earnings are available UK wide.

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How are waiting time earnings calculated?

Your waiting time starts automatically when you reach the pick-up location. Waiting time earnings start after 15 minutes of waiting, up to a maximum of 30 minutes after you arrived.

Waiting time earnings are 17p per minute for up to 15 minutes and rounded to the nearest minute.

Do I have to wait at pick-up?

If a package isn’t ready, continuing to wait at pick-up is optional. You can:

  • 1️⃣ Contact Support via chat to cancel your order after 30 minutes of waiting.

    Choose “Long Wait At PU” in the chat. If Support cancels your order, we will apply a cancellation fee.

  • 2️⃣ Self-cancel at any time.

    If you self-cancel you will not receive earnings for the delivery.

Where are waiting time earnings on my Statement of Earnings?

You can see waiting time earnings and how many minutes you have on your Statement of Earnings.

Under Weekly Summary, you can find waiting time earnings under “Wait at PU”.

Under Delivery Breakdown, you can find "Wait at PU Minutes" and "Wait at PU Earnings".

For now, you can only see waiting time earnings on your Statement of Earnings. This is coming soon to the app.

If you have any questions about your Statement of Earnings, you can reply directly to

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Other FAQs

Will I receive waiting time earnings plus a cancellation fee?

No, you will only receive either waiting time earnings or a cancellation fee. You will not receive both. You will only receive a cancellation fee if the package is not ready after 30 minutes and cancelled by Support.

When and how do I self-cancel a delivery?

You are able to self-cancel in 2 situations:

  • Right after accepting the delivery

  • When you arrive at pick-up: You can cancel at any time once you are at the pick-up

Outside these time frames, your self-cancellation request will be rejected in the app.

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Why don’t waiting time earnings show on my Statement of Earnings?

This is because you are working in a city where we haven’t rolled out waiting time earnings yet.

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Do multipliers apply to waiting time earnings?

No, multipliers apply to your per-drop fees only. Multipliers are not applied to waiting time earnings.

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