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No package at the pick-up
No package at the pick-up

What to do in case there is no package to be collected at the pick-up

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You may encounter a situation where you arrive at a pick-up location but there is no package available for collection.

This might happen because another courier has already picked up the package, the order does not appear in the client's system or the client has requested the order to be cancelled.

Always make sure to verify the situation with the staff at the pick-up location before contacting Customer Support. This helps prevent unnecessary communication and ensures accurate reporting of the issue.

Steps to be followed:

  1. Double-Check and Confirm: Before taking any further steps, make sure to confirm with the staff at the pick-up location that there is indeed no package available for you to collect.

  2. Review Delivery Notes: Check the Delivery Notes in the App to ensure that you are at the correct pick-up location and have the correct details. This can help avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

  3. Contact Customer Support: If you've confirmed that the package is not available, please open a new chat using the "Package not at pick-up" option. Here you will be required to provide the name of the staff member you communicated with at the pick-up location.

  4. Agent Investigation: The agent will investigate the situation on your behalf. They will reach out to the client to check whether the package will be prepared at any time or if it needs to be canceled.

Geolocation and Pick-Up location

Your geolocation must be in the vicinity of the package you have been assigned to receive to flag issues with the ongoing delivery.

If you are not in the package location vicinity you will be unable to flag the package as not at pick-up. This is to ensure that an attempt has been made to pick up the package before flagging the package to our system.

Note: If the package is indeed at the pick-up, but you have been waiting at the pick-up for a long time, please self-cancel or open a chat using the "Long wait at pick-up" option.

If you choose the option to self-cancel this means you have refused the delivery and will not receive a fee.

If you choose the option of Long wait at pick-up you must have already waited 30 minutes to be eligible to receive a waiting fee.

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