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Proof at Pick-up (Apple Deliveries)
Proof at Pick-up (Apple Deliveries)

Collecting a package at the Apple store

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We are introducing Proof of Pick-Up (POP). This helps to make sure that you (or your substitute) collect the right package from the store.

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How to do Proof of Pick-up (POP)

  1. First, accept the invitation then enter the pick-up (PU) location in the Apple store.

  2. Next, show your collection number and confirm the customer name with an Apple staff member.

  3. Before you (or your substitute) collect the package from the member of staff, press the order ID which will prompt you to snap a picture through the app.

  4. Remember to allow access to the camera and take a picture of the package showing it clearly in the Apple stores.

  5. It is not mandatory for a member of staff to be in the photo, if they have requested not to be.

  6. Finally, tick the box to confirm that you (or your substitute) have collected the package, then complete the delivery.

POP requirements

  • Make sure there is a clear picture of the package in the Apple store.

  • Remember that no face should be included in the picture.

  • The customer name on the label should be visible in the picture.

Example images

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