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4. Issues with deliveries
Cancelling your delivery before pickup
Cancelling your delivery before pickup

How can I cancel the delivery?

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How do I cancel an order before pickup?

Before the package has been picked up, you can directly cancel the delivery on your App or on your Dashboard:

Cancellations within 2 minutes:

You can cancel a job request within 2 minutes of an Instant order being placed, or within 2 minutes of the moment, a Scheduled job has started searching for a Stuart Courier Partner.

There will be no charge associated with this cancellation and you may create a new order after this.

Cancellations after 2 minutes:

Cancelling a job after 2 minutes will charge you a penalty, only if a Stuart Courier Partner had been assigned to that job.

The value of the penalty will be the minimum delivery amount for the specific transport type requested. The Stuart Courier Partner will be notified and paid the aforementioned amount.

Should you feel you have been unfairly charged a cancellation penalty, please feel free to contact us at

Please provide the job number, the reason you feel you have been unfairly charged along with any supporting evidence you may have.

We will then investigate and provide you with a response.

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