Reporting an incident

How do I report an incident ?

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1. How do I report an incident?

We are now centralising all feedback through a single source, user-friendly ticketing system for non-live support.

Through this link, you can submit a request/report for the following:

Once you have selected the relevant option, please fill in the necessary fields.

1.2. Where can I find my pending request?

You can find any ongoing requests by selecting “Requests” in the top right-hand corner. Once selected, you can view any pending requests and also the current status of the request.

1.3. What will happen next?

The information is then forwarded to the relevant team for review. Once the team has reviewed your request, you will receive an update via email. You can view all your requests by selecting 'All' in the 'Requests' section in the top-right hand corner of the Jira portal.

1.4. How to sign up?

Please remember to use the e-mail linked to your Stuart account, or specify your company name in the ticket description. Please note, the account in the incident portal is independent of the one used with STUART. That is why we would like to ask you to use the same e-mail, but bear in mind the password does not have to be the same.

1.5. How to check history?

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Stuart Support team:

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