Reporting an incident

How to report non-live incidents

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1. How does it work?

We are now centralizing all feedback through a single source, a user-friendly ticketing system for non-live support that you can utilize for your queries.

1.1. What are we aiming to achieve?

This change will allow efficient issue/query submission and tracking with the ultimate aim of improving customer experience and satisfaction.

1.2. Reporting an incident: how to do it?

Via this link, you will be able to:

  • Report an issue with a package or an order

  • Place query for Invoice/Pricing

  • Give feedback on a Courier

  • Give feedback on a Product

Once the relevant option has been selected, please fill in the necessary fields.

2. Where to locate a pending request?

You can find any ongoing requests by selecting "Requests" in the top right-hand corner. Once selected, you can view any pending requests and also the current status of the request.

2.1. What happens next with my request?

The information is then forwarded to the relevant team for review. Once the team has reviewed your request, you will receive an update via email.

2.2. How do I sign up?

You need to use the email linked to your Stuart account or specify the name of the company in the ticket details. However, here are some specifics to be taken into account:

  • Please remember to use the e-mail linked to your Stuart account, or specify your company name in the ticket description.

  • The account in the portal is not intertwined with the one at Stuart, hence the request to use the same email address. The password can be different from the one you are using for your Stuart account.

2.3. How to check the ticket history?

Please take a quick look at the gif shown below, and if further questions arise, do not hesitate to contact our Live Support team.

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