When Waiting time fees apply

What is a long pick up?

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What is a long pick up?
This is when a Stuart Partner has to wait more than 5 minutes for the package to be handed over in store.
The courier must wait for a minimum of 5 minutes.

What happens after 5 minutes?
Long pick up times means that there are fewer Stuart Partners available for other jobs, which reduces the overall quality of service provided by Stuart.

After 5 minutes, If you require a little more time to prepare, the courier can leave and a new courier will be found to fulfil your delivery.
It is therefore important you communicate with the courier to let them know when the package will be ready.

How much will I be charged?
We no longer charge cancellation fees in the UK due to the long waiting time at pick up.

How is waiting time calculated?
We have clear tracking of the Stuart Partner and when they arrive at the pick up address the system automatically sets the pick up times.

To read the full policy change, you can see our T&C's here

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