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Advanced Search - Dashboard & App
Advanced Search - Dashboard & App

How can I search for previous and ongoing orders?

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Advanced Search

From now on, you can search for previous and ongoing deliveries on the Advanced Search field available on the Dashboard and App.

To get started, you can go either to:

  • The navigation bar

There you can find anything, as long as you search by: Package ID, Order ID, Pick-Up Address and Drop-Off Address.

To do so, you only need to enter part of the reference and you will see a dropdown list of autosuggestions to improve your search, as it is shown on the previous images. With Advanced Search, Package ID becomes the main reference on the dashboard.

You will be able to find all results from the previous 30 days. If you happen to need information about older orders, please get in contact with Support as shown on this article.


In addition to Advanced Search, you can now find Invoices for individual packages!

  • If you are looking into getting invoices for delivery jobs (multiple packages in the same delivery), you will find it on the Past delivery tab

  • If you are looking into invoices for individual packages, you will find it by search for its reference on the Advanced Search function

Past deliveries tab

Search from Advanced Search function

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