Self Cancellations

When and how do I self-cancel a delivery?

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  • How does self-cancellation work?

  • Instructions on how to self-cancel a delivery in-app

  • Self-cancellation reasons

  • The cancellation fee

  • The small print - important!

How does self-cancellation work?

You or your substitute are able to self-cancel in 2 situations:

  • Right after accepting the delivery: You can cancel up to 3 minutes after accepting the delivery

  • When you arrive at pick-up: You can cancel at any time once you are at the pick-up

Outside these time frames, your (or your substitute's) self-cancellation request will be rejected in the app.

How to self-cancel a delivery

  • Once you or your substitute have accepted the delivery, you can access the Help Centre screen from the Tasks screen (by taping on the ❓ icon) or from the Menu screen (by taping on the 👤 icon, on the top left of your screen)

  • On the Help Centre screen, an option to Reject this delivery will be available

  • A prompt asking you why you are rejecting this delivery will appear

  • Fill the prompt with the right reason and complete the flow

Self-cancellation reasons + Contacting Support for self-cancellation

When self cancelling a delivery most scenarios will be available through the self-cancellation feature as stated below.

Available reasons*:

  • I don't want to deliver 18+ items

  • I have an issue with my equipment

  • The order is not ready

  • I am too far from pick-up

  • I can't access the pick-up

  • I don't feel safe at the pick-up area

  • Other

If in the case you or your substitute can’t find the right reason in the list, please reach out to the Support to cancel the delivery*

This feature gives you and your substitute more autonomy:

  • You don't have to contact Support to request a cancellation

  • You don't have to wait at pick up for 20+ minutes

  • You will be able to immediately move on to another delivery 

The cancellation fee

A self-cancellation will not result in a cancellation fee, even if you or your substitute have waited more than 20 minutes. You or your substitute are not expected to wait this long and can move on to the next delivery, but will not be paid for that cancelled delivery.

If there is another reason for which you or your substitute can’t complete the delivery, you will still be able to talk to Support (by selecting 'Chat with us'). They will deal with the issue, and this may result in a cancellation fee.

The small print - important!

If you or your substitute have arrived at pick-up and made yourself known, you are free to self-cancel at any time.

Don’t hesitate to ask once more if the package will be ready soon - sometimes an extra minute is all that’s needed!

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