Downloading Invoices

Where are my invoices

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Invoices are created automatically after each delivery. You can find them directly in your Stuart Mobile App or Dashboard.

Stuart Mobile App

You can find your invoices in the History tab of your app.

The History tab will show you all: Active, Completed and Cancelled deliveries.

To get your invoices, filter them more easily by tapping on:

  1. All Deliveries

  2. And then on the Completed tab

To see all details on each delivery and download an invoice:

  1. Tap on a delivery title

  2. Then on the three-dot button to the right of a title

  3. After that, select Share and send it to any email address you'd like

Stuart Dashboard

Log in to the Dashboard and select the History tab.

Select which deliveries you require an invoice and press the "Invoices" button. This will then send an email to your registered email address with the invoice details.

An invoice can also be downloaded directly from within the Delivery information itself.

Individual Packages Invoice

If you are looking into invoices for individual packages, you will find it by searching for its reference on the Advanced Search function. Read more about Advanced Search here.

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