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Returns, cancellations & multi-drop deliveries
Returns, cancellations & multi-drop deliveries

How do I earn for returns, cancellations & multi-drops?

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Return deliveries

If you have to return a package, the initial delivery will be cancelled and Customer Support will issue a return delivery.

  • We apply the per-drop delivery fee for both deliveries (your journey to drop-off and your journey back to pick-up).

  • Only the return delivery is eligible for multiplier rewards.

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Depending on the scenario, cancellation fees may be applicable:

  • If your client cancels more than 2 minutes after you accepted the delivery, there will be a cancellation fee.

  • If your client cancels the delivery within the first 2 minutes after you accepted it, there will not be a cancellation fee.

These fees will be displayed on your app.

Self cancellations

You are able to self-cancel in 2 situations:

  • Right after accepting the delivery

  • When you arrive at pick-up: You can cancel at any time once you are at the pick-up location.

A self-cancellation will not result in a cancellation fee, even if you have waited more than 20 minutes. You are not expected to wait this long and can move on to the next delivery, but will not be paid for that cancelled delivery.

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Multi-drop deliveries

Multi-drop deliveries are multiple packages from the same client with more than one drop-off address.

Just Eat Multi-drop deliveries

Some Just Eat restaurants will now be providing multiple packages to drop during one delivery - if you have opted in to receiving extra packages.

If you experience an Absent Customer during your multi-drop, please contact Support. Just Eat packages can be left in a safe space instead of being returned to pick-up, expect if Challenge 25 items are included. Read here for more information.

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