Changing Delivery Information

Specific guide for clients raising deliveries using the Stuart Dashboard

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1. What should I do if I want to give more details to the courier?

You will be able to add notes to ongoing deliveries from the Stuart Dashboard.

We recommend this, for instance to add tips on how to get to the address more easily, but please note that you will need to raise a new delivery if you want to change the pick-up or drop-off addresses.

1.1. Adding more information in a delivery placed through the Dashboard

This can be done by clicking on the ongoing orders and then selecting "Add comment". Once this is done, the courier will receive a notification of the modified details.

1.2. Modifying the pickup or drop-off addresses

  • You will be unable to modify any pickup/drop-off details, instead the order needs to be cancelled and re-launched with the correct ones.

  • The courier can be contacted from your side anytime you need, from the moment they accept the delivery until he marks it off as finished.

1.3. Requesting further assistance

If you need more help, please click on the button below to learn how you can contact our team through a live chat.

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