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Support Chatbot

This article explains everything you (or your substitute) need to know about the Chatbot

Updated over a week ago

Our Support Chatbot handles queries quickly and can resolve problems at any stage of delivery. If you (or your substitute)need to speak to a Support agent, the information will be ready for them to jump in. 🤖

On this page:

  • 👍 Why do we use a Chatbot?

  • 🤖 How does the Chatbot work?

  • 📱 What happens if the GPS doesn't work properly?

  • 👩‍💻 Help from a Support agent

  • 📸 How do I upload a photo to the Chatbot?

  • 🍏 Apple deliveries

  • 🤳 Account Changes

👍 Why do we use a Chatbot?

  • Quicker responses and resolution time

  • Increased efficiency on you (or your substitute) deliveries due to the accuracy of the information

  • For complex issues, all the information you (or your substitute) have given the bot will be passed onto a Support agent to quickly review and solve

Please read the options given by the Chatbot carefully. You (or your substitute) are not able to return to a previous question but might be given the option to restart the chat. If you (or your substitute) don't see this option, please start a new chat.

🤖 How does the Chatbot work?

The chatbot will be able to detect by GPS what delivery stage you (or your substitute) are at...

  • On the way to the pickup location

  • At the pickup location

  • On the way to the drop-off location

  • At the drop-off location

…and offer specific query options for you (or your substitute) to choose from.

📱 What happens if the GPS doesn't work properly?

In the event that the GPS does not detect your delivery stage correctly, the bot will offer you (or your substitute) an option to choose another.

👩‍💻 Help from a Support agent

Should a Support agent need to intervene to help with certain requests i.e. accidents, the bot will filter the information provided to the Support agent so the resolution time is much shorter.

📸 How do I upload a photo to the Chatbot?

There are certain queries that will require you (or your substitute) to upload photo evidence, such as:

🧰 Equipment failure

❌ The package is damaged

In this case, the chat will go as follows:

Once the photo has been uploaded, you will need to tap "Proof" to confirm the upload.

🍏 Apple deliveries

You (or your substitute) are able to submit an Apple proof of delivery through the chatbot. Please note that once you (or your substitute) have submitted the evidence, should you (or your substitute) have any other queries - you (or your substitute) will need to open a new chat and select "I have an issue with my Apple delivery".

Proof of delivery example:

Other Apple queries example:

🤳 Account Changes

For account changes please refer to our dedicated help centre articles on how to change your account details directly:

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