Drop-off problems

What to do if you or your substitute are having issues delivering your package

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🔍 Unable to find the customer

If you or your substitute can’t find the drop-off location, check the comments section in your app for any additional information, such as a safe place to leave the package.

You or your substitute should attempt to call the customer 3 times via the app and wait at least 10 minutes before contacting Support via the chatbot.

Please note, Support isn't able to help you until these steps are completed.

  • 📞 If they are reachable: Ask them to confirm their address. If it is different from the order details, make sure to check the distance to the new drop off location and provide it to Support. *Please be reminded that we are not in a position to add a fee for distances above 1km.

  • 📵 If they are not reachable, contact Support for further instructions on what to do with the package. A return back to the pick-up location maybe arranged for you.

⚠️ Remember, never ask customers for personal contact information such as their social media details or phone number. If you or your substitute need to contact the customer about their delivery, you can do so through the app.

🙅‍♂️ Customer refuses package

If a customer refuses the package during drop-off please contact Support to notify them. They will then cancel the delivery and arrange a return to the pick-up location.

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