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Absent customer process
Absent customer process

What to do if you cannot find the customer

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  1. Try to call the customer by pressing the 📞 icon.

  2. If the customer does not reply to your first call attempt, you will be able to send an automatic text message to the customer through the app.

  3. This text message will let him know that you have arrived and that you are waiting.

  4. While waiting, attempt to call the customer at least 3 times.

  5. A 5-minute timer will start as soon as you arrive at the drop-off location. If the customer is still not responding after 5 minutes and you have tried to call him at least 3 times, you will be able to contact Support.

  6. A Support agent will organise a paid return or complete the delivery for you.

Instructions for Alternative Drop-Offs:

If you are delivering to any of the following types of drop-offs, please follow these specific steps in the event on an absent customer:

  • Hospitals

  • Offices

  • Schools

  1. Follow the absent customer process by waiting 5 minutes outside the address stated in the notes and call the end-customer 3 times.

  2. If unreachable follow these instructions:

    1. For Food deliveries - Please leave the food with the building reception and notify support through the “Absent Customer” bot option.

    2. For Grocery and Retail deliveries - you will need to return these packages back to the original pick-up location. Please notify support through the “Absent Customer” bot option to arrange your return.

Important to note:

  • Please do not return packages without the approval of support

  • If you need to return the package please follow the returns process here

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