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About Zego Insurance

Guidance for delivery partners who have a Zego policy

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Zego is the most popular provider chosen by Stuart delivery partners. So, we've got some more information here to help you!

On this page:

  • Understanding Zego insurance certificate

  • Do I need to link Stuart and Zego accounts?

  • I have Zego insurance, why has my insurance update request been denied?

  • Zego app and contact details

  • Zego discount

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Understanding your Zego insurance certificate

What a Zego insurance certificate looks like and identifying the important details, that we may ask you for.

The key information is shown in the red boxes. They include:

  • the customer number (5 numbers/letters long)

  • policy start and end date

  • vehicle details

  • enrolment type (which is what you're covered to do, with which company.)

This is only an example! Certain details have been redacted.

Do I need to link Stuart and Zego accounts?

If you are using a PAYG Zego policy then you will need to link your accounts.

You need to ensure you are using the same email address for both accounts, otherwise, the systems can't find and match your profiles together!

We cannot change your email address on your Stuart account, so you will need to change your Zego email address. The Zego support team need to do this.

If you have the Zego app, see the screenshots below:

  1. Open your app and go to your profile section.

  2. Then tap "Call us to make any changes"

Step 1

Step 2

I have Zego insurance, why has my insurance update request been denied?

Here are some examples of messages you may receive from the Support team, and what they mean.


"Your policy is not covered"


  1. Your insurance policy is not active (meaning, you are not covered), when we check the Zego system.

  2. Your policy does not appear on the system

What you should do

You need to check that your policy is still valid, OR, you need to register Stuart as a work provider on your policy. For further assistance, you should contact Zego Support.


"We need your Customer Number"


We need you to email us back with your Customer Number so that we can search the Zego system to validate your policy. It should be 5 letters/numbers long.

What you should do

Double-check your policy information and then email us back with the correct number.

See the first section of this article for a visual representation of a Zego Customer Number.

*Please note your Customer Number is not the same as your "certificate/policy" number.


"Not Hire & Reward"


Your policy does not have Hire & Reward under 'Enrolment Type'

(see the first section for visual representation)

What you should do

Contact Zego to ensure your policy does include Hire & Reward.

Once done, be sure to email us back with your new certificate!


"Incorrect document"


You have sent us a document which wasn't your Insurance Certificate.

Please, only send us your insurance certificate.

What you should do

Ensure you have a copy of your insurance certificate and then email us back with a copy attached!

If you can't get a copy of your certificate, then please contact Zego.

Zego app and contact details

Zego has its own app, which you can log into your account with. A lot of information we may request from you can be found easily in Zego the app.

Remember, if you need further assistance with Zego issues, you should contact Zego Support, not the Stuart Customer Support team.

Zego contact details:

Phone: 020 3308 9800

We work diligently to help every delivery partner with any and all requests and questions. So in order to help us help you, we encourage you to be responsive and proactive as you can.

Zego discount

We sometimes offer limited time discounts with Zego. Unfortunately we are not currently offering a discount - but stay tuned!

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