Which companies can I get insurance from?

A comprehensive list of Stuart-approved insurers!

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Finding the right insurance can be tricky, so, we've listed all the insurance companies that we've verified to provide the correct type of insurance!

Otherwise here is a comprehensive list of all known approved insurers who can provide you with valid insurance policies!

List of insurance companies that provide the correct coverage;

  • Zego

  • Haven

  • MCE

  • Antilo

  • Freeway

  • McAms

  • Tradex

  • 1st Central

  • Capulus

  • Cover my cab

  • Inshur

  • Nelson

  • Scooterised

  • Coop Insurance

  • Coversure

  • SouthernRock

  • Insenture Underwriting

  • Policy Plan

  • Markerstudy Insurance Services

  • Otto Car / Scooter

  • My Taxi Insurance

  • Motorcycle Direct

  • Lloyds Insurance

  • Lexham Insurance

  • Acorn

  • GreenMo

  • Collingwood Insurance Services

  • Insenture Underwriting

  • Southernrock

  • Coversure Hyde

  • Policy Plan

  • Acorn

  • Anjuna

  • Markerstudy

  • Quote Me Happy

  • Walsingham Insurance

  • Alwyn Insurance

  • Eridge Insurance

  • Signature underwriting

  • First Underwriting

  • Lloyds Insurance

  • First Underwriting

  • ERS

  • Admiral

  • Quotemehappy.com

  • Hastings Direct

Things to watch out for!

There are scammers out there who may approach you via different channels, either through social media, in courier messaging groups, or even in person. They'll pretend to be genuine and offer you insurance for a discounted price.

No legitimate company has these practices, so please do not accept an offer like this thinking you will be receiving genuine and valid insurance - as this is not the case.

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