Insurance while using the Stuart platform
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For all our motorbike/moped/scooter and car Partners, it is mandatory to have Hire & Reward insurance for Fast Food Delivery/Food Courier work.

Having the correct documentation is stated in the terms, as agreed to when joining the Stuart platform. You can find the terms, here.

What does Hire & Reward mean?

Hire and Reward Insurance allows you to “carry other people’s goods in exchange for a fee.”

Hire & Reward is easy to get confused about. You should double-check with your insurer that your policy is covering you for Fast Food Delivery, as it is a common mistake to accidentally purchase Taxi insurance.

Types of Insurance we accept:

As a Partner with us, you must have one of these types of insurance policies;

  1. Pay-As-You-Go: provides coverage only when you are delivering an order.

  2. 30 day: full 24/7 coverage for the selected 30 day period

  3. Annual: full 24/7 coverage for the selected annual period.

Examples of these types of insurance policies can be seen here

Updating your insurance certificate

You will be reminded to send us your insurance certificate before it expires.

We kindly ask that you submit your most up to date insurance certificate at all times. You can do so by following this link.

Requirements for a valid insurance certificate

  • Your insurance needs to state that it is valid for Hire & Reward food courier work.

  • The date needs to be valid.

  • Policy is in your name.

  • Vehicle registration, make & model stated on the policy match the vehicle you are using.

  • If a work provider is stated, it needs to include Stuart.

Insurance T&C's

You are responsible for ensuring you have the correct insurance and will be liable should you not be properly covered. Additionally, any activity related to insurance fraud will be dealt with accordingly.

If you have expired/invalid insurance, your Stuart account may be suspended until you update your insurance.

You should be aware!

You should be very aware of sham insurance policies, provided by non-legitimate sources.

Insurance policies will always be provided from an official website, either directly from an insurer or broker.

You should never purchase an insurance policy from social media, e.g. being offered via Facebook. These are not legitimate and will not provide legal cover.

Where can I get insurance from?

Other insurer options are available, a full list can be found in this Help Centre article, here: Which companies can I get insurance from?

Government guidelines and advice

Having trouble with your application? Need an instant answer? Our onboarding support chatbot is here to help answer any questions you may have about your ongoing application. Try it now!

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