Multiplier rewards

What are multiplier rewards and how do I find them?

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This page is about multiplier reward earnings and how to check them.

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What are multiplier rewards?

The multiplier is a reward system designed to reward you for deliveries made at different times of the day. It multiplies your delivery fees by a certain value that we communicate to you in advance.

Example: You receive a delivery invitation in Liverpool with a delivery fee of £4.50. There is a multiplier of x1.5, so the delivery fee is increased to £6.75.

Multiplier values are set across each city depending on demand. There can be multipliers on any day of the week.

What else should I know?

  • There's no threshold or cap. Multiplier rewards apply from the first to last delivery completed while a multiplier is active.

  • The multiplier applied is the active value when you accept the delivery invitation.

How can I check multiplier rewards?

See current multipliers on the map

  1. Go online.

  2. On the main screen, there is a new icon on the bottom right of the map.

  3. Press to choose a Map type.

  4. Select Multipliers.

  5. You will see the multiplier values for each zone the map.

Tap on a multiplier value to see how long will it last.

Multiplier FAQs

Will I receive a multiplier reward on all deliveries?

You will receive a multiplier reward if you complete a delivery while a multiplier is active. Cancelled deliveries will not have a multiplier added on top.

If the multiplier is different where I pick up and drop off the delivery, which multiplier will I receive?

You will receive the multiplier value which is active at the pick-up address.

Where do I find these rewards on my Statement of Earnings?

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