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Maximising your earning potential
Maximising your earning potential

Top tips for earning more on our platform

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We want you to have a great experience on our platform. Here are our top tips for finding deliveries and special rewards.

Delivering at busy times

  • Our busiest days in a normal week are Fridays and Saturdays, usually between 5pm - 7.30pm.

  • Our busiest periods mid-week are at lunchtime between 11.45am - 1.30pm and during the evening from 5pm - 7.30pm.

We see a rise in orders during these times, so be sure to log on and take advantage of the high demand!

We also see more orders than normal during occasions such as bank holidays, payday weekends, Christmas holidays, Valentine's Day and many others.

Multiplier areas

Look out for the multipliers available on Thursdays and Fridays to understand the highest earning potential areas in your city.

Proximity to dense areas

Your positioning in zones can also help maximise your earnings! Being closer to clients (restaurants and stores) can help you receive more delivery invitations.

Delivery invitations

We also recommend that you have auto-accept turned on to ensure that you accept every delivery invitation sent to you.

Auto-accept is turned off by default when you go offline. Activating auto-accept means you don't miss any deliveries!

Tap on your profile icon, then on the auto-accept toggle. A blue high voltage⚡️ sign will appear to let you know auto-accept is on.

Per drop rewards

Watch out for rewards on offer throughout the week that can help earn more on some deliveries. Specific client, time period and zone rewards will be specified in these rewards.

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