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Delivery fee adjustments
Delivery fee adjustments

Types of delivery fee adjustments and how to make a request

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This page is about how delivery fee adjustments and how to request them.

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What adjustments can I request?

There are two types of adjustments you can request:

Distance correction

If your delivery takes you further than the initially stated distance, you are eligible to request an extra fee.


If you have to return a package for the following reasons, you are eligible to request an extra fee:

  • Returning a package after the delivery has been marked as complete (by yourself or Support)

  • Returning a package at the end of a multi-drop delivery

Always make sure the end customer accepts the package before marking it as delivered. Otherwise, Support can't issue a return delivery.

How do I request an adjustment?

You must submit a request to Support within 24 hours of delivery completion. Please email with a clear explanation and the delivery number.

Include evidence with a screenshot:

  • Screenshots must show the delivery route given in the Stuart app, with both the pick-up point and drop-off point visible.

  • Screenshots should be taken from the pick-up location.

The distance needs to be more than 1.5 miles in London and more than 0.5 miles for the rest of UK.

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