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4. Issues with deliveries
Requesting a Refund via Dashboard
Requesting a Refund via Dashboard

Check all the steps to request a refund.

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💡 Please note that this feature is not currently available for all clients, as it is within testing phase. If you do not see the below options, please follow the process here.

If you have experienced an issue with a past delivery, you can open a refund request directly through the chatbot.

Information needed

We will need you to provide us with the following information:

  • Email

  • Package incident (please choose one from the following):

    • Order delivered late

    • Return procedure not followed

    • order not delivered

    • Mixed Packages

    • Missing items from the package

    • Damaged package

    • Other

  • Package ID

  • Comment (not mandatory)

  • Attachment (not mandatory)

Once all information has been provided, the ticket will be created. You will receive both an email confirmation and a confirmation through the chat.

We will then investigate and communicate our resolution to you as fast as possible!!

Ticket update

Every time there is an update in the ticket (or more information is needed to resolve it) you will receive notification through the dashboard and in the form of an email.

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