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4. Issues with deliveries
Assignment Request: ETA - No couriers available
Assignment Request: ETA - No couriers available

Order searching, delivery not being assigned, no drivers available

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🕐 How long does it take for a delivery request to be assigned to a courier?

Typically, a delivery request is assigned within 5 minutes. However, during peak times or if there is limited courier availability in your area, it may take a few more minutes to assign a courier-partner

It is important to note that our system sends invitations to couriers in the area, but it is up to them to accept the request as they are self-employed. In some cases, couriers may be hesitant to accept deliveries that are of greater distance.

Please, allow the system to calculate the best route and invite a few drivers before contacting Live Support. Canceling an order and relaunching it will move it back to the beginning of the priority queue, taking more time to assign a courier. Instead, we recommend you let the original request continue to search for available couriers.

If your request hasn't been assigned after 15 minutes, you can request Live Support to check your order & asses the supply in the area.

⌛️ How can I check the Pick-up ETA?

We are excited to announce a new feature for you to check the estimated pick-up time for your ongoing order. You can find it in the "On Going" section of the Dashboard. The Pick-Up ETA considers the current time it takes for the system to assign your delivery request to a courier (Assignment ETA), providing you with a more accurate estimate of when your courier will arrive. With this information, you can have a better understanding of the expected delivery time and plan accordingly.

You can find it in the "On Going" section of the Dashboard:

🚲 What if there is no Stuart courier partner available?

In the event that there are no Stuart couriers available, we advise you to wait a few minutes and try again as a courier may be finishing a nearby delivery and will become available shortly.

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