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Assignment Request: ETA - No couriers available
Assignment Request: ETA - No couriers available

Order searching, delivery not being assigned, no drivers available

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🕐 How long does it take for a delivery request to be assigned to a courier?

Typically, a request set to be delivered as soon as possible is assigned within 5 to 10 minutes, depending on your area and the vehicle required for your order. However, during peak times or if there is limited courier availability in your area, it may take a few more minutes to assign a courier-partner

It is important to note that our system sends invitations to couriers in the area, but it is up to them to accept the request as they are self-employed. In some cases, as distance increases, the likelihood of having your delivery request assigned fast decreases as couriers may be hesitant to accept deliveries of greater distance.

Please, allow the system to calculate the best route and invite a few drivers before contacting Live Support. Cancelling an order and relaunching it will move it back to the beginning of the priority queue, taking more time to assign a courier. Instead, we recommend you let the original request continue to search for available couriers.

If your request hasn't been assigned after 15 minutes, you can contact Live Support to check your order & assess the supply in the area.

🗓️ What if my delivery has been scheduled for later?

If your request has been scheduled to be delivered 2 hours from now, we will optimize your orders to be delivered by the end of the drop-off time window indicated at delivery creation.

Once it gets closer to the time you selected for the drop-off, you can find your order and Pick-up ETA in the “Ongoing” section of the Dashboard.

⌛️ How can I know when a courier should arrive at pick-up?

You can find the estimated pick-up time (ETA) in the "Ongoing" section of the Dashboard. The Pick-Up ETA considers the current time it takes for the system to assign your delivery request to a courier (Assignment ETA), providing you with a more accurate estimate of when your courier will arrive. With this information, you can have a better understanding of the time to have your orders ready for pick up and plan accordingly.

You can find it in the "Ongoing" section of the Dashboard:

When a courier accepts your delivery, you will see an updated time estimation for the courier to arrive at your location to pick-up your delivery.

🚲 What if there is no Stuart courier partner available?

In the event that there are no Stuart couriers available, we advise you to wait a few minutes and either cancel or try again, as a courier may be finishing a nearby delivery and will become available shortly.

If you can’t wait longer for a courier to be assigned, you can cancel for free by clicking on the pickup details button.

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