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Requesting multiple drop delivery
Requesting multiple drop delivery
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Multi-drop, multidrop, stacking, several drop-offs, delivery and return

If you have several orders to be picked at your store and delivered to several drop-off addresses close to each other, then our multi-drops feature is made for you!

This feature is also recommended to use when you want the driver to return to the pick up, the second drop off should be the address of the original pick up.

It is very simple:

  • Click on "Request a Delivery"

  • Fill in Pick up details

  • Fill in Drop off details

  • Click on "Add a dropoff"

  • You can add up to 8 drops (Read Article: Maximum Pick up to drop-off distance)

  • When adding more than 2 drops - please select package size XS on your Dashboard each time - this will ensure that you will still receive a 2 wheeled courier for your delivery.

  • NOTE: it is your responsibility to ensure that the total size of the items you plan to hand over to a courier is within the limit of the average-sized bike/moped thermal bag. If the items don't fit, you will have to book a separate courier.

Please note that our system will re-order your different drops in an optimal way. So if there is one drop that needs to be done first, please let the driver know about it.

You will be charged £2 per extra drop, so this is a way to optimise your use of Stuart while making drivers happy as well!

Please ensure that you clearly label the packages with the order details so that there is no confusion between the packages.

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