Getting started with Zapiet, and how to connect Stuart with your Zapiet account.

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  1. Connect Stuart to your Zapiet Account

Log in to your Zapiet Account and open the settings

If you don't have a Stuart account already click sign up and head to step 2.

If you have a Stuart account click "Activate Stuart"

Proceed to click "Get Your Credentials"

This will redirect you to the API page of your Stuart account. Then head to step 4.

2. Create Your Stuart Account

Already have a Stuart Account? Skip to Step 3!

Enter your Email and Password

Enter your Company Information

Input your billing details

Add a credit card

Your API credentials are automatically generated.

3. Login with the connect flow

Enter your email and password

Add your billing information

Add a credit card

Your API credentials are automatically generated.

4. Finalise your set-up

Head back to your Zapiet and Copy and paste your API credentials into the relevant boxes and click Activate Stuart.

5. Best Practices & Tips

Explore these advanced tips for when configuring your preferences on your Zapiet interface.

  • Support Email Address: Add

  • Locations: Select all the locations where you want Stuart to handle deliveries.

  • Name & Phone Number: Provide the respective contact name and a valid contact phone number for each location.

  • Add Track Details: You can use this option to include tracking details for each order. When this setting is enabled, your orders will be automatically fulfilled in Shopify.

  • Send Tracking Details: If selected, Stuart will notify your customers via email that their delivery has been successfully scheduled.

  • Packaging: You do not need to configure the packaging settings as this is an upcoming feature.

  • Finally, click "Save."

6. Key FAQs

How does my billing work?

Payment is taken via credit/debit card and the invoice can be downloaded after each delivery from your Stuart dashboard

Where can I find details about refunds and conditions

Our refund conditions are outlined in our terms and conditions here

How do I reach customer support for live requests?

You can reach out to customer support via the Stuart dashboard or within the tracking link embedded in the Zapiet Dashboard (UK only)

How do I raise a ticket for a previous order?

If the order is cancelled or completed and there has been an issue, you can raise it using these links (country-specific):

How much do my deliveries cost through Zapiet?

You can find details about our pricing for each market below:

  • United Kingdom here → includes public pricing and city coverage list (here)

  • France here → it does not include the partnership exclusive pricing and, coverage map here

  • Spain here → it includes both public pricing (here) and coverage (here)

  • Portugal here → it includes public pricing but no coverage map.

Where does Stuart operate?

You can find our coverage for each market below:

7. Get in Touch

If you have any questions during the onboarding process, please email

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