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How to report delivery feedback
How to report delivery feedback

If you (or your substitute) need to report feedback during a delivery at either pick-up or drop-off, this article explains how to report it.

Updated over a week ago

We want you (and your substitute) to have a great experience delivering with us, and we take all feedback reports seriously.

If you (or your substitute) experience an issue with staff at a pick-up location or an end-customer at a drop-off location, please report this to us by following the instructions below:

At pick-up

You (or your substitute) can give us feedback on your delivery experience through the app. The option to give feedback will appear under your pick-up task.

At drop-off:

Please contact Support via email ( to report feedback.

Please remember to be clear, informative and attach any screenshot or pictures which would help to support your (or your substitute's) feedback.

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