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Requirements for Changing Your Transport Type
Requirements for Changing Your Transport Type
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Before you start, make sure you have copies of..

  1. Driving License (front and back)

  2. Vehicle (with registration plate showing)

  3. The correct equipment - thermal bag etc.

  4. Insurance certificate - make sure it's in date and has the correct policy information

For further information:

Please ensure your vehicle is legally compliant and road legal, with the correct certification and documentation.

Guidelines & Information

Please note the following:

  • Once your request gets accepted, please make sure to submit all relevant information and documents as soon as possible. Failing to do so will result in your request being rejected.

  • Please note that in some cities we have the full capacity of car couriers, so your request may be denied.

  • If your request has been denied because we are not expanding the car fleet, please do not submit more requests, it is highly unlikely we will need more cars in the area in the near future.

❗️ Attention❗️

You take an active part in your request - you must look out for the emails from our Support Team who will provide you with the information and guidance to successfully complete your request.

📝 A reminder of our T&Cs

Keep in mind you can not use a different Transport Type than the one that is in your app.

If you are using a different vehicle to the one that’s showing in your app you are in breach of the Terms & Conditions and risk your place on the platform.

🚗 Purchasing a new vehicle

If you have purchased a new vehicle of the same Transport Type...

e.g. you're already using a car and have now bought a new car

...all you need to do is use the insurance update form, which you can do so with this form.

ℹ️ Cities with restricted Transport Types


Please note that we are not accepting requests to change to car transport types in:

  • London.

  • Bournemouth

  • Bristol

  • Cambridge

  • Cardiff

  • Swansea

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