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What to do if an order is too heavy
What to do if an order is too heavy

Maximum weight capacity per transport type

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It is the client's responsibility to order the correct vehicle for the package/s they want to deliver. However, if the package is too bulky or too heavy for your (or your substitute's) vehicle, the process to follow is:

  1. Explain to the client that the package/s is too heavy or bulky

  2. If the client is able to they should cancel and relaunch the delivery for a more suitable transport type

  3. If this is not possible please contact Support with a photo of the order, clearly showing your bag is at full capacity with extra items you cannot fit, on the side. Support will then arrange for the order to be split with another rider.

  4. Support will advise you or your substitute to take as much of the order as per the capacity of your transport type and leave the rest for another rider

Please see below for the capacities to be carried by transport type.

Package Size and Transport Types

All packages have different dimensions and weights. However, the main sizes are:

XS: W10cm x D8cm x H10cm (1/4 of a thermal Bag), 6kg

S: W20cm x D15cm x H40cm (1/2 of a thermal bag), 8/12 kg, depending on bag*

M: W30cm x D30cm x H50cm (1 thermal bag), 8/12 kg, depending on bag*

L: W65cm x D50cm x H90cm (2 thermal bags), 40kg

XL: W90cm x D50cm x H100cm (4 Thermal bags), 70kg

XS/S/M packages can fit on bike/moped/motorbike
L/XL packages can be delivered only by car/cargobike/van

*Package Weight Limits for Bike/Moped/Motorbike drivers:

The delivery invitations you or your substitute get from the app are usually for XS, S, and M packages. However, how much weight you or your substitute can carry depends on what type of bag you use.

  • Thermal bags: can be used to carry a max weight of 8 kg

  • Backpacks: can be used to carry a max weight of 12kg

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