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Equipment failure: what should I do?
Equipment failure: what should I do?
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What should I do if my vehicle breaks down?

  • Go off duty in the app to avoid receiving any deliveries which you (or your substitute) will not be able to complete.

  • If you (or your substitute) are on your way to pick-up, you should use the self-cancellation button to cancel the delivery.

  • If you (or your substitute) have a delivery in your app and are on your way to pick-up, you should contact use SC button and explain the situation with valid proof so they can take the delivery from you (or from your substitute) and assign to another courier. You should then set your self off-duty.

Please note that if you (or your substitute) report equipment failure two or more times in a day, your account will be reviewed for your safety.

I do not have the correct equipment to work
If you (or your substitute) do not have the mandatory equipment set out in this article you (or your substitute) should not go on-duty in the app.

Contact us via the app and we will assist you (or your substitute) with purchase of new equipment. Keep in mind going on duty in the Stuart app using other delivery platforms equipment may result in the following

  • Losing your delivery rewards for the week

  • You (or your substitute) may risk losing your place on the platform

More information about self-cancellation and chatbot options can be found here:

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