Changing Phone Number

How to change or update your phone details

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🆕 Feature in the App!

Now, if you have the latest version of the App, you can update the phone number directly from the Stuart App.

Tap on the 3 lines icon (hamburger menu) to go to the Main Menu > My Account > Phone number.

Make sure you update it if you change numbers —or if the SIM card you are using while working is a different number from the one you signed up with.

If you don't see the above options to update the phone number, you should use the old way of requesting the update:

Follow the steps to change the phone number.

What is the Service Desk?

You can use our Service Desk portal to make changes to your account when you are not on a delivery, including:

You will need an account to access the Service Desk.

Learn how to set yours up: How to access the Service Desk

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