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Changing bank details
Changing bank details

How do I change my bank details?

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This page is about how to change your bank details.

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What is the Service Desk?

You can use our Service Desk portal to make changes to your account, including:

  • Bank account changes

  • Insurance updates

  • Transport Type change requests

  • City change requests

You will need an account to access the Service Desk. Learn how to set yours up:

What evidence do I need to submit?

Your new bank account must be registered in your name. Joint accounts are permitted as long as your name is clearly visible on the bank account. Business accounts are also accepted but we will require evidence the business is registered in your name.

To change your bank details we need:

  1. Your courier ID (found on your Statement of Earnings)

  2. Your email address associated with your Stuart account

  3. New bank name

  4. New bank sort code

  5. New bank account number

  6. A recent statement from your new bank

    • This must be issued in the last 3 months

    • This must include the bank logo, your full name and account details.

    • This must be in PDF format only, screenshots or photos will not be accepted.

Need help? Please contact

Example bank statement:

ℹ️ We will only accept account changes of bank account holders that match with the Stuart account holder.

When you have an account on the Service Desk and you’re ready to request a change, submit your information here:

The deadline to submit your request for bank details change is Saturday at 4pm. Any requests made after this will not be changed until after the following Tuesday.

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