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Delivery Invitation FAQ
What does a delivery invitation look like?
What does a delivery invitation look like?

Delivery invitations in the courier app, explained

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📫 Accepting from a notification

From a notification, you or your substitute can see the client name and the estimated earnings, helping you to decide if you want to accept a delivery.

You or your substitute can accept or decline directly the invitation from the notification.

📲 Accepting from the invitation screen

In the app, you or your substitute can tap everywhere in the white box to accept an invitation.

If there is an active multiplier for the delivery, the rate will be included in blue on the right of your earnings, and the earnings will include multiplier rewards.

The decreasing blue line shows how much time you have left to accept the invitation. You have 40 seconds to accept an invitation before it expires.

Turn on your auto-accept feature to avoid missing invitations!

🗺 See where you or your substitute are going

  • You or your substitute will see a map on your invitation screen showing you where the pick-up and drop-off(s) are.

  • You can also interact with this map - zoom in or out, and move around!

  • If you see more than one drop-off, that means the delivery is a multi-drop.

  • The address listed is the address of the pick-up location.

⛔️ Decline an invitation

You can tap X Decline in the top right to decline an invitation.

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