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Zone-specific multiplier and map
Zone-specific multiplier and map

New multiplier improvements

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📍 Zone-specific multiplier rewards

Instead of a multiplier covering all areas of a city, a multiplier is now applied to each individual zone. Here are some examples of how the new multiplier will look, compared to the current multiplier.

Previous weekly multiplier:

New zone-specific multiplier:

  • On Thursday or Friday the week before the new rewards are active, you will receive an email with a link to a map of your city and the different rewards active in each zone.

  • To find out what rewards will be active at different times and days, you will be able to toggle ‘time of day’ and ‘date’ on the map (shown at the bottom and top-right of the new map).

  • Each morning, you will receive an in-app notification with a link to this map, so you’ll be able to track multiplier values across all zones on a day-to-day basis.

  • You will be able to track multiplier rewards in real-time, as well as check future multiplier reward values.

🗣 FAQs

How will this benefit me?

You will now have much better visibility of what multipliers are available throughout the week, and have more information for you to decide when and where to deliver. Similarly, you will now be able to see what multiplier will be active for every invited and completed delivery through the updated delivery invitation and payment history.

Like the previous city-wide multiplier, multiplier values will be set the week before, which will give you time to plan ahead of time if you like. Similarly, the map tracks live multiplier values, which allows you to check in real-time what the different multiplier values are across your city.

Will there be any change to how I get paid?

There will be no change. The multiplier running in the pool at the time you accept a delivery invitation will apply to the order. You will be able to see the relevant multiplier attached to the delivery in the delivery invitation, as well as in the multiplier map. You will also be able to see which multiplier was applied to every delivery in your delivery history.

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