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The Waiting List

Information about the Waiting List

Updated over a week ago

This page is for our applicants who are on the Waiting List and would like to know more 🧐

What is the Waiting List

Here at Stuart we onboard our couriers relative to driver demand. Sometimes during off-peak times, we pause onboarding in certain areas. Large cities like London have a large number of couriers and applicants and therefore we pause onboarding to ensure that our couriers receive a fair amount of jobs.

What if there was no waiting list?

If we onboarded every applicant and did not have a Waiting List during our application process, some of our current couriers would find it difficult to be assigned deliveries. Too many couriers can negatively impact the experience whilst delivering with Stuart. This is why we try to ensure that there is a balance of drivers and packages in every city.

When will I be onboarded?

Don't worry, when we do start onboarding we prioritise our applicants on the Waiting List.

If you would like to withdraw your application please send an email to

We hope you understand and thank you for your patience! 🙌

If you would like to contact Stuart during the onboarding process please use our chatbot service to direct you to the correct team.

Please note that Stuarts London IS NOT part of Stuart Delivery UK.

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