The Onboarding Process
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It's great that you are interested in working with Stuart!

In this article we outline the Stuart Onboarding Process.

The Application Form/Multistage

In this stage we will ask you to complete our application form through our onboarding platform Fountain.

Some of the information we might need include:

  • Name

  • Address

  • Bank details

  • Right to Work

  • What equipment you need

Stuart Onboarding Videos + Quizzes

After you have completed our form you will be asked to complete our Onboarding Videos + Quizzes. These are essential to make sure you're comfortable on the road and ready to start delivering.

Topics covered include:

  • How to be safe on the road

  • What you will need

  • How we pay

  • And more!

The Verification Stage

Once you have made it to the verification stage, a member of our team will verify your details and documents that you have submitted.

If there is an issue with your details or documents we will email you directly with a link to resubmit your documents.

Getting your equipment 🛒

Once we have verified your documents you will have the opportunity to purchase the necessary equipment to help you deliver!

Equipment available for purchase includes:

Thermal Bag

High Vis Jacket

The Background Check

To verify your identity you will have to pass the background check with our provider (Sterling). This is an essential part of onboarding and is mandatory for all applicants.

We have sent an email for you to complete your background check to the inbox associated to your application.


Once you have been approved you will receive an email to download the Courier App.

Please note if you have not been approved you will be unable to login into your courier account.

Contact Us

You can find our contact article here:

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