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Getting started with UrbanPiper, and how to connect Stuart with your UrbanPiper account.

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Introduction to Stuart and UrbanPiper

Integrating your Stuart delivery account with UrbanPiper offers a seamless way to manage your deliveries. This integration streamlines the process, allowing you to efficiently handle orders and ensure timely deliveries to your customers.


0. Check Stuart coverage

To get started with Stuart, first make sure we provide our delivery service in your area. UK coverage

1. Create a Stuart account & Retrieve API keys

  1. Create your Stuart account

    • Pay by credit card: Click on this link and create an account with Stuart. In the last step, the API credentials will be visibile. For more info refer to this article

    • Pay by direct debit (only available for clients managed by Stuart sales team): create an account following this link

  2. If you already have a Stuart account:

    • Access Your Stuart Account: Log in to your Stuart account here.

    • Navigate to Profile Settings: Once logged in, go to your profile settings.

    • Access Integration Settings: Within your profile settings, locate the integration settings section.

    • Find Client ID and Client Secret: In the integration settings, you'll find your Client ID and Client Secret. These credentials are essential for connecting your Stuart account with Snappy Shopper.

2. Connect your Stuart account to UrbanPiper

Access this form to finalise the set up with the help of a UrbanPiper agent.
You are only a few minutes away from finishing the integration.

3. Understand the order flow on UrbanPiper interface

Coming soon!

4. Track an order & Contact Customer Support

Tracking: To track your orders head to your Stuart Dashboard here.

To find our more about tracking your deliveries check out the video here.

Contact Customer Support: To contact customer support, use the CS widget within the Stuart Dashboard here.

5. Useful information on Stuart

To solve any other question you might have, please consult our Stuart Client Help Center

6. Get in touch

If you have any questions during the onboarding process, please email

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