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Creating a Challenge 25 delivery
Creating a Challenge 25 delivery


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What is Challenge 25?

Challenge 25 is a policy created by the Retail of Alcohol Standards Group to support the effort to eradicate underage sales. If a customer is over 18 years old but looks under 25, then an acceptable ID has to be displayed.

What does it mean if I create a Challenge 25 delivery?

🍷 Sobriety test: the courier will need to confirm the customer is sober. We will not deliver alcohol to the customer if we believe they’re already drunk or under the influence of drugs.

💳 Age verification: the courier will check the customer has a valid form of ID. We will check the name on the order matches the name on the ID and the picture on the ID matches the person standing in front of them. The courier will need to enter the date of birth shown on their ID into the Stuart App.

How do I create a Challenge 25 delivery?

If you would like to create a Challenge 25 delivery, you need to include "🔞 Challenge 25 🔞" in the section "Order Information" of the delivery dashboard. The courier will be notified the delivery has C25 items in the delivery invite.

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Support team through the live chat window on your app or dashboard.

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