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Age-verified deliveries
Age-verified Delivery Flow in the Stuart app
Age-verified Delivery Flow in the Stuart app

Steps to complete in the app when you deliver age-restricted items

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Delivery Invitation

📱If it is age-verified order, it will show up on delivery invite screen within Stuart courier app.

New feature! Richer Invite will now give you more details about what type of age-restricted items the order carries.

Steps to complete at drop-off

For an age-verified delivery, you will need to complete the following steps in-app:

1. Make eye-contact with the end customer and check:

Sobriety 🥴

Age 🔞

2. Answer the Sobriety check

Confirm the customer is sober.

You cannot deliver alcohol to the customer if you believe they’re already drunk or under the influence of drugs.

You will have to select 'Yes, continue' or 'No'.

The 'No' option will redirect you to chat with Support.

3. Age verification ID Check 💳 🔞

  • Check that the customer has a valid form of ID.

  • The name of the order has to match name in the ID card

  • Picture matches the person in front of you.

  • Enter the date of birth shown on their ID as a drop-off task.

Do not skip this step whenever there is the slightest doubt they can be underage.

It is your responsibility to make sure that you don’t deliver age-restricted products to someone under 18.

Returns Process

You are able to return age-verified orders in the following scenarios:

🍸 customer is intoxicated with alcohol and/or drugs

🔞 customer is not able to prove the age (remember, the legal age in the UK to receive age-verified items is 18)

🏠 customer is absent; if the customer is not home, you will not be able to verify if the customer is sober and if the customer is of right age

Under no circumstances leave the age-verified order in a safe place if the customer is absent. Use the chatbot to contact CS and arrange a return.

Please note all returns are currently full returns for all clients (except for Just Eat, see section below). This means returning the entire package if you cannot complete the delivery, rather than only returning the age-restricted item(s).

Note on Just Eat Takeaway deliveries

Just Eat Takeaway restaurants will package age-restricted items in a separate bag.

🏬 Pick-up

Once you are at a pick-up location, please make sure you grab all bags that have the same order number on them. If it is not clear, you can always check with the restaurant staff.

🏠 Drop-off

Proceed with the regular process when at drop-off.

If the age-verification check fails to pass, you can give the food to the customer, but return the separate bag containing age-restricted item(s) back to the restaurant. Contact Support for further information.

You will receive regular payment upon return. Read more here about returns.

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