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How to make a claim with StuProtect
How to make a claim with StuProtect

How to get cover for our new accident and health insurance.

Updated over a week ago

All claims for StuProtect are handled online, through the StuProtect portal.

🙋Here is a step-by-step guide to help you during the claiming process.

1. First, sign in (or sign up if you haven’t already) to your StuProtect account. Use the same email address you use for Stuart.

This is the StuProtect portal. Explore the benefits available to you, directly on the platform.

2. When you log in to the StuProtect portal, select the type of insurance you want to make a claim for (e.g. digital GP, accident, etc.) as shown below.

3. Upon selecting the insurance type, you will be asked a few questions about your claim to make sure you chose the correct policy.

4. You will have to provide evidence to support your claim. Such documents can include doctors’ notes, birth certificates, etc. This is to ensure that your claim is processed correctly and as quickly as possible.

5. That’s all! Submit your claim, and you’ll receive a confirmation email soon after.

For more information on StuProtect, please refer to this Help Centre Article.

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