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Getting started with UpMenu and Stuart

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  1. Connect Stuart to Your UpMenu Account

  2. Create Your Stuart Account (Already have a Stuart account? Skip to step 3)

  3. Login with

  4. Finalise Your Setup

  5. Best Practices & Tips

  6. Key FAQs

  7. Get in Touch

1. Connect Stuart to Your UpMenu Account

Click the button and follow the instructions to get started:

2. Create Your Stuart Account

Already have a Stuart Account? Skip to Step 3!

Enter your Email and Password

Enter your Company Information

Input your billing details

Add a credit card

Your API credentials are automatically generated.

3. Login with the connect flow

Enter your email and password

Add your billing information

Add a credit card

Your API credentials are automatically generated.

4. Finalise your set-up

You will find the configuration instructions here

Head to the Appstore within the UpMenu dashboard to enable Stuart for your online orders

Add your API Client ID and API Secret Key. Note: You will find this in the Stuart Dashboard.

Paste the keys you downloaded from Stuart.

Change the status to active! You are now ready to use Stuart as your delivery partner!

5. Best Practices & Tips

  • For the integration to work properly, a payment card must be connected in the Stuart application.

  • Important: at the moment, integration is not supported in the order collection application, you accept orders in the web panel.

6. Key FAQs

How does my billing work?

Payment is taken via credit/debit card and the invoice can be downloaded after each delivery from your Stuart dashboard

Where can I find details about refunds and conditions

Our refund conditions are outlined in our terms and conditions here

How do I reach customer support for live requests?

You can reach out to customer support via the Stuart dashboard

How do I raise a ticket for a previous order?

More coming soon 👀

How much do my deliveries cost through UpMenu?

We have arranged special prices exclusively for UpMenu's clients in Poland! Feel free to inquire about these special rates from any Stuart or UpMenu representative.

Where does Stuart operate?

  • Warszawa

  • Kraków

  • Szczecin

  • Gdańsk

  • Katowice

  • Łódź

  • Toruń

  • Sosnowiec

7. Get in Touch

If you have any questions during the onboarding process, please email

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