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Problems with the Stuart app
Problems with the Stuart app
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If you or your substitute are having problems with the app, we suggest that you:

  1. Force quit your Stuart Courier Partner app

  2. Wait 10 seconds

  3. Launch your Stuart Courier Partner app again.

In the unlikely event that issues persist, we’d also advise that you (or your substitute) completely restart your phone, and launch your Stuart Courier Partner app again as quickly as you can.

Some general tips to be sure you or your substitute never miss any delivery invitations:

  • Whenever our system detects that your connection is preventing you or your substitute from receiving deliveries, you’ll receive an automated SMS to inform you. This does not mean that you will be ineligible for guaranteed minimum earnings — only that you’ve missed 1 delivery as a result of your connection. Follow the steps above without delay to resolve the issue.

  • Whenever you or your substitute force quit your Courier Partner app, you should open it again immediately afterwards: closing the Courier Partner app logs you off, which means you no longer appear online!

  • Go back to the Courier Partner app every so often. You or your substitute can, of course, use other apps while waiting for a delivery, but we recommend switching back to the Stuart Courier Partner app at least every half hour or so — as some phones are known to switch off apps running in the background if they haven’t been used in a while.

  • Make sure external factors are not affecting your Courier Partner app’s performance— whether’s its poor signal, space-saving apps on your phone, etc. If your blue location marker on the map is surrounded by a wide, light blue circle, this means that your location is not very accurate and you’ll want to force quit the Courier Partner app and switch airplane mode on/off as detailed above.

What if I cannot accept deliveries?
If you or your substitute can't accept a delivery then you should log off immediately.

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