How Stuart works

Who can use Stuart?

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1. What is Stuart?

Stuart is the leading on-demand solution powering the way goods are transported in a customised way.

1.1. How does Stuart work?

We connect businesses across all industries and of all sizes to high-quality independent couriers to offer customised delivery solutions to wow their end customers.

Using the Stuart API, e-commerce and aggregator platforms can offer customers a faster, cheaper delivery option right at checkout.

1.2. What is our aim?

We are powering the future of urban logistics, helping both small stores and big businesses to move their goods through cities faster than anyone ever imagined.

Thanks to our sustainability strategy for the last mile, we strive to create a positive impact on the climate, our courier partners, clients, and communities alike.

2. Who can use Stuart?

  • Restaurants - Stuart instant

  • Groceries - Stuart instant, Ship from Hub

  • Retail & Luxury - Stuart instant, Ship from Hub

  • E-commerce - Ship from Hub

  • Professional Services - Express Courier

3. Additional Support

For any other questions regarding Stuart, please reach out to our Live Support team.

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