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How to opt-in to accept extra packages and what to expect

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This article is about the option to Accept extra packages.

What are extra packages?

Opting-in to extra packages allows for more packages to be automatically added to your itinerary. You can earn more money 💰, it's environmentally friendly 🌱, and it's more cost-effective for clients 🛍.

Once selected, you or your substitute will receive a notification at the top of your screen if another package is added to your itinerary before you reach the pick-up point. Once you or your substitute have all packages at pick-up, tick the bubble for each package task and then select 'tasks completed' before continuing to the first drop-off.

Opt-in to receive extra packages

You can opt-in to receive extra packages from your profile screen. Simply tap your profile icon, and then on the toggle button next to Accept extra packages. You can opt-out again by de-selecting the toggle.

Note: both auto-accept toggles are turned off by default when you go offline.

How does the earnings structure work for multi-drops?

Delivering multiple packages at once means higher earning potential per minute in both peak and off-peak times.

What are the benefits?

  • Earn an extra delivery fee on top of your initial delivery fee.

  • A fee for additional travel distance to each drop-off.

  • We offer waiting time pay - if you or your substitute wait more than 15 minutes.

  • You could also earn multiplier rewards if this is available during your delivery

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