Hub 2 Home FAQ
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We’re so thrilled for you to work with Stuart as we take this very exciting new step! Before you begin, here’s some information you might find useful.

Table of contents: 

  1. Insurance

  2. Van age limit

  3. Mileage fees

  4. Deliveries

  5. Congestion charges

  6. Late arrival

  7. Accident

  8. Working for Stuart outside H2H

What type of insurance do I need? 

You will need the same insurance cover as you would with other transport types, so that the goods are protected while doing deliveries (Goods In Transit or Hire & Reward).

Is there an age limit on vans? 

Upon inspection of your vehicle, if it appears unsafe or unroadworthy, we reserve the right to refuse you deliveries. We will not accept vans made prior to 2000.

Does Stuart pay mileage?

Van drivers will be paid a minimum guarantee for a route, with the potential to earn a bonus on each route. This is calculated on performance rather than miles driven.

What happens if I finish deliveries early or late? 

We'll manage the routes so that this shouldn't be an issue. It’s highly unlikely that you will have to work longer than your designated route time. However, should this happen because of traffic or unforeseen circumstances, you will be compensated for your extra time. Because many of our deliveries are time-sensitive (such as fresh flower arrangements), it is important that they are delivered during their recommended time period. Alternatively, if you finish your deliveries early, your payment won’t be affected.

Can I go home after my route, or do I have to return to the hub? 

Once you've delivered all of your parcels, you're free to go straight home and there's no need to return to the hub.

Will I have the same route every day?

No, your route will vary day-to-day.

Is congestion charge covered? 

Sustainability is a key part of Stuart’s ethos, and we’re committed to making London as convenient, but also as healthy as possible. We will offset the carbon emissions produced by covering each driver’s congestion charge. 

As we encourage the use of more sustainable vehicles, we will not be covering ULEZ.

What happens in I arrive late to the warehouse?

You may lose your route if you arrive late, this is because it is very time sensitive.

 What if I have an accident en route?

Please contact the Stuart Support team who will assist you. As a precaution we recommend you carry small first aid kit with you. Your safety is paramount.

Can I work for Stuart outside H2H?

In this role you’re working on the parcel delivery fleet and therefore won’t be accepting jobs from other on-demand clients.

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